Wildfire Memoir

Clare is currently working on All the Feral, Fierce Things, a memoir about her rookie season as a wildland firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service. She will address relevant and pressing issues facing the fire world – from the extreme difficulties of fighting fire in a climate changed-America to sexual harassment within the Forest Service – while exploring her own personal experiences as a young woman in fire.

Fire Season 2013

Exploring the History of the University of Minnesota’s Cloquet Forestry Center

January 2021 – In a collection of six multimedia Storymaps titled “60 Years at the Cloquet Forestry Center,” Clare tells stories of the CFC’s work, people and life from 1960 to 2020. In the collection, Clare explores the pioneering work of scientists Isabel Ahlgren and Gordy Gullion, highlights the CFC field sessions, which have educated University of Minnesota forestry students for the past 96 years, and dives into Conservation Education Days, a hands-on learning program which has introduced Carlton County 5th graders to forestry since 1968.

To tell these stories, Clare interviewed over 40 foresters, land managers, professors, students and Cloquet-area community members, including members of the Fond du Lac Band on whose reservation the CFC resides. Throughout the collection, audio clips and historical and contemporary photos are integrated into the narratives to help tell these dynamic stories. The collection ends by looking to the future and asking CFC staff and Fond du Lac Band members to envision what changes the coming years will bring to the Cloquet Forestry Center.

Listen to Clare discuss the collection in her talk “Enlivening Research Through Storytelling: An Exploration of the Methods Behind 60 Years at the Cloquet Forestry Center,” presented at the Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative’s 2021 Forestry and Wildlife Research Review.

60 Years at the Cloquet Forestry Center

Clare Joins the Team Behind the Minnesota Forest Resources Council (MFRC)

January 2021 – As Communications Manager, Clare creates content for the Minnesota Forest Resources Council’s forthcoming website update and pens internal and external communications, including news releases and newsletter items. Clare participates in strategic discussions about developing the Council’s expanded communications plan with the Communications Committee and Executive Director. Clare works in collaboration with DNR communications specialists and act as a design and storytelling consultant on multimedia projects.

Established in 1995, the Minnesota Forest Resources Council is a 17-member board created to develop policy recommendations to the Governor and federal, state, and local governments and to encourage the adoption of sustainable forest management policies and practices. Council members represent a wide range of forest resource interests and hold public meetings every other month to discuss key issues. Read more about MFRC here.

Telling the Story of Minnesota’s Old-Growth Red Pines

January 2020 – During summer and fall 2019, Clare is working in collaboration with the University of Minnesota’s Cloquet Forestry Center and the Great Lakes Silviculture Library to tell the historical, ecological and cultural story of an old-growth stand of red pines found on the forestry center. Through archival and contemporary research, in-depth interviews and time in the old-growth stand – known as Camp 8 – Clare is crafting a narrative that brings together complex questions about land management in the era of the Anthropocene, historical – yet often overlooked – truths about Indigenous fire stewardship and land tenure, and the role that we – whether as scientists, foresters or engaged citizens – should take as land stewards as ecosystems change around us.

To tell this story, Clare has produced a multimedia article which brings together historical and contemporary photos, video footage of the Camp 8 Stand, maps and more. Read about these old-growth red pines here, watch Clare discuss the multimedia article on the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences Spotlight, or listen to Clare on the Cloquet Forestry Center’s podcast.

The “Grandmother,” a 300-year-old red pine in the Camp 8 Stand
Photo by Dylan Van Boxtel