· Awarded the Marcella DeBourg Fellowship by the University of Minnesota’s English Department for her wildfire memoir, a project which brings “creative expression to women’s lives” (May 2020)

· Awarded a University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts Summer Research & Travel Grant to conduct interviews and research in service of her wildfire memoir (May 2019)

· “The Fire Rises” selected as First Finalist by Judge Michelle Orange in the Vela national nonfiction contest (2014)

· “The Fires Rises” received an Honorable Mention in Nonfiction in Plain China, a national anthology of the year’s best undergraduate writing (2014)

· Awarded Grinnell College’s Henry York Steiner Prize for Short Fiction for “Naomi” (1st place, 2013), “Brother” (2nd place, 2014) and “On Highways to Campton” (2nd place, 2012)

· Winner of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest’s Nick Adams Short Story Contest for “Gusanos” (2012)


· “The Camp 8 Stand: The Story of the Cloquet Forestry Center’s Red Pines” presented as a model Story Map during U-Spatial’s “Story Maps 101: Visual Storytelling with Maps” (June-August 2020)

· Awarded the Council of Graduate Students’ Aaron and Anna Beek Graduate Student Teaching Award for her work teaching undergraduates at the University of Minnesota (January 2020)

· Awarded the Helena Percas de Ponseti Senior Prize in Spanish by Grinnell College’s Spanish Department (May 2014)

· Awarded the Joseph F. Wall Scholarship by Grinnell College (April 2013)

· Awarded the James C. Randall Fellowship by Grinnell College’s Spanish Department for nine weeks of volunteer work with environmental organizations in Costa Rica (April 2012)


· Selected to participate in the Institute for Journalism and Natural Resources’ Wildfire Workshop for Journalists (May 2020)

· Presented “The Fire Rises” (creative nonfiction essay) at Weber State University’s National Undergraduate Literature Conference in Ogden, Utah (April 2014) 

· Presented “Gusanos” (short story) at the Associated Colleges of the Midwest’s Conference in Chicago, Illinois (April 2012)

· Presented “Gusanos” (short story) at the Grinnell College Humanities Symposium in Grinnell, Iowa (March 2012)